When you first pull into the Crescent Hotel grounds, what strikes you most is how much you feel as if you have taken a step back in time. The Hotel looms over you in such a way, you are almost intimidated by its sheer size.

When you enter into the grand foyer, you really DO feel as if you have stumbled into another world. The sights, the smell, even the carpet is entirely different from the norm, these days.

When we checked in and went to our room, my husband smiled at me as we rode up in the elevator. "We are staying on the floor that is believed to be the most haunted." the second floor; room 201. He then clears his throat, "Of course, our room isn't one that they say is haunted. But I figure being on this floor is close enough."

Well, to those who aren't sure what ORBS are... Let me just say, we caught quite a few of them. Many were in our room, which was not on the list of haunted rooms... Can you hear me clearing my throat? Hah! Yeah... I thought so....

So, anyway, we went on the Ghost Tour that night. It is actually very interesting, even if you don't see anything because they tell you all about the history of the place. They walk you through the spots where there is supposed to be the most activity and they tell you why.
They start the tour on the fourth floor. There are quite a few stories there, but the one I'm going to give a taste of is the one about the little girl. Her mother was a nurse here back in the time when the Hotel was a Hospital for Cancer patients. The little girl was about three years old and she lived with her mother on the fourth floor.
The little girl liked to play around the stairs. Her mother, of course, always scolded her and told her not to play around the stairs. But one day... for whatever reason, the mother was not there to scold and the little girl had climbed up and was looking over the banister.

She fell over the banister to her death. Now... The reason I shared THIS story is because after the tour was over, my husband and I, being the curious people we are went back with our cameras and captured many orbs. Now, what you see in the picture to the side is that staircase and banister she fell from. If you look closely, you will see a few orbs. They don't neccesarily look like anything fantastic. Actually, they kind of resemble plain dust particles....

But when I zoomed in.... Now, there was ONE.... It was actually on the staircase, and farther away than the others. It looked different. So I zoomed in closer... and then closer still. I could make out the partial outline of a face. Wavy hair, brushed to the side... eyes, nose, and dare I venture to say... cheeks? 

Maybe I am just silly. Maybe my imagination is just running away with me. But I really believe the little girl was there when the guide told us her story. And I believe when we went back, she was trying to tell us hi. This picture below. . . Well, you must make up your own minds. But as for me. . . I believe.

And FINALLY! I'm here with one of the more . . . uhm . . . unique stars of book 2 of the Awareness series, Sensations. Trevharic, you are a hard guy to pin down.

He offers me a smile and if you were watching, you would see a small shrug of his shoulders. I don't really have the kind of time it takes to be Pinned down. I'm pretty busy right now.

I understand. In respect to the time you have to take to sit with me today, I'll start the questions.

1. So, is Rebecca your only ward?

I wouldn't call her my ward. I'm not responsible for her upbringing or her choices. I'm just someone who tries to protect her from some consequences to those choices. As far as if she is the only one I protect; there are times I am called to help one of my brothers with another human who may need something a little extra, but yes. She is the only one I see continually.

2. How would you describe your feelings about Rebecca? You seem to care a great deal about her.

I do. Of course I do. She's my . . . Well, she's important to me.

I notice he looks a little uncomfortable here but I just can't stop myself from asking the next question.

3. Do you love her?

He tilts his head and his eyes meet mine. I feel as if I am fixing to be given a rare glimpse into his emotions. His expression tells me he is pondering how to answer me.
When he does, I know he is actually avoiding a real answer.

Of course I love her. I am her Guardian.

I want to pursue this deeper, but I feel if I do, he may end the interview all together. So, I push on with questions that deal with the book.

4. When Rebecca became Aware of all things hidden to normal people, were you glad you would be able to reveal yourself to her?

Not really. People aren't really meant to see the things she has seen. Regular people could be driven mad by seeing what she's seen. Not just that, but the reason she's in her current situation is because of what she can see.

He gives me a sad smile at this and I find myself asking a question I had promised myself I wouldn't, since it has to do with book 3.

5. Are you going to follow her into the land of Fay?

His very expression becomes guarded and even angry.

I'm not allowed there. To break this rule could mean I will forfeit my wings.

At his words, I take the opportunity to look at those wings. Huge, massive and black with flecks of gold lacing through them. His head however is bowed and his entire body language is unhappy and I find I just can't stop myself from pushing.

6. So she really is alone there?

His head comes up and I can almost swear his eyes look transluescent.

She is right now. But she won't be for much longer. Does that answer your question?

I almost squeal at his response. So you are going. How will you keep from getting caught?

Shaking his head, Trevharic gains his feet and looks down at me.

I did not say I was going. I am forbidden. If I go, I will fall. If I fall, I will be Earthbound. That is something no Angel does lightly. To lose grace basically makes us one of you. I could even be stripped of my memories of who I am.  I'm sorry, but I've already said too much. You should probably forget we even spoke.

He left so quickly I catch myself wondering if he was ever really there. This is the interview I remember, guys. But I can't promise that he didn't just erase my memory of any other questions I may have asked and he just didn't want to answer.

Hey, guys! Did any of you know how hard it is to get an Angel to sit down to talk? Trevharic, the Angel from book 2 PROMISED me  an interview over two weeks ago and he's just NOW giving it to me. I am sooo sorry it didn't happen earlier. But guess what? Monday morning, it will be here!

Watch for it!
Today, I am happy to be in the company of the main character of the Awareness series. Rebecca is actually quite busy these days, hot on the heels of the people who have stolen her mother's soul. I am honored that she took the time to grant me an interview.

Rebecca, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me.

Thank you, Rowan, for having me. Maybe if enough people find out about what's going on out here, I can get some help.

Oh wow! You always seemed so certain you didn't want anyone knowing about your "gifts." What changed?

What changed? I'll tell you what changed. The KING of the Elves decided I was not good enough for his son! A detective blew my secret to the entire faculty at my school. And NOW, the leader of the Dark Fae has declared war on the King and like it or not, I'm being dragged into itI Well, I don't think they realize it, but they had just better be glad I don't have a gun, because I am going hunting! 

Uhm. . . Okay, well let me start with the questions I had originally planned. What was your first reaction when you woke up in the hospital that morning?

I was terrified. I was confused and shocked. First, ghosts! Then Angels. And nevermind the size of those Demons! I didn't even realize . . . Oh, no. I don't want to even go there again.

Hmm. . . Yes, I can imagine. But you seem to have done pretty well adapting to your new talent?

I'm sorry, was that the next question? I didn't adapt. Not at first. I was in denial. I just wanted to ignore them all and hope they would go away. I didn't want to do any of this. Talent? hah! More like a stinking curse!

I can imagine it wasn't much fun to have to get used to. Do you still feel that way now?

She sighs and looks down at her feet. No, not really. I mean, now I am beginning to see where I can do some good. I can help spirits when they need it. I don't mind that. But, I'm still not really very big on fighting any Demons. Those things are nasty! I don't guess I mind it, though. It's worth the occasional upset to be able to help the ones who need helping.

And you do help. And what must it be like? I mean, so many people are ALWAYS asking the question about Life after Death. But you KNOW!

She doesn't answer this question right away. Instead, she kind of just smiles at me and shrugs. I think in a way, whatever it is you believe, that's your reality. The way I see it, whatever your personal belief; it isn't my place to judge.

I nod at this and continue. So, I don't want to give too much away about this part of your story, but who do you think you'll end up with? The Beautiful Elf, or the Hot human Detective?

At this, Rebecca throws up her hands. What about the Handsome Dark Elf, Centuron, or the Gorgeous Angel, Trevharic? Take your pick! Heck if I know. Honestly, what guy is going to become my main squeeze isn't high on my list of priorities right now.

I understand. Well, I know you are super busy and I don't want to keep you. But, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

You're welcome. I do need to go now. I've got some Dark Fae butt to kick!

Well, that interview went great! Tune back in a few days when I interview, Trevharic, The Angel who we meet in book Two; SENSATIONS
Exclusive Interviews! I have gotten special permission from the characters of the Awareness series to begin interviewing them, one by one, about the lives they lead ndtheir parts in this unique and extremely exciting story!

First interview, Tonight with Rebecca. Tune in to find out all about her! I promise, you won't be disappointed!.
Book two of the Awakening Awareness series was released on June 29th! You can get your ebook copy at the Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Gypsyshadow, Smashwords, and many other websites.

Quick! Go get your copy and after you read it, let me know what you think! I am so anxious to know!
Well, the moment is swiftly approaching! Sensations is ALMOST ready! It's coming, guys! If everything goes according to plan, it should be available before the first day of next month!

Keep your fingers crossed and pray everything works as it should cause I am READY! I hope all of you are too!
Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night; your heart pounding, your breathing heavy, and felt as if you had just run a marathon? Did you dream about something and you just can't shake the images from your mind? Was it about a person you know?
Maybe it was about something that hasn't happened yet, but you have this deep seated fear it will?

The things we dream about more times than not are simply our subconscious, giving voice to the fears and concerns we keep buried inside and don't speak of in our waking lives. But sometimes, well, those dreams are just a little too real.

So what do you do? Do you go talk to the nearest person you trust and get it off your chest? Or do you bury it even deeper with the fear that if you tell, you may just make it come to pass?

When I started writing the first Awareness book, it was because I had this vague memory of what my first waking moments had been like after my near death experience. There were voices. But no bodies to go with. There was an overwhelming sense that the DREAM I had just had was not a dream at all, but a journey that few people ever get to take and come back from.

Of course, that was just the first chapter. From there, my imagination took over and I found myself opening up to a realm of what if's. And I loved it. Awareness was ready to go to my publisher faster than any other full length story I had ever tried to write. Truth be told, the second story, Sensations went just about as fast.

Now that my editor is almost ready to begin work on the second book, I find myself thinking that maybe this story is writing itself so fast because there are people out there who need to read it?

So much of it is complete fantasy. Fairies, Elves, and the like just don't exist.... Well, not in a come sit in your lap and talk to you kind of way, at least....

But if you really follow the story, Rebecca is a girl going through something just about Every Other teen age girl is going through  on some level. What? Well, She's learning how to step away from the pack and become her own person. . As the story progresses, she is learning to fight for what she believes in, as well as truly find out who she is.But for alot of it, she is constantly questioning herself on what she wants, and what she's willing to do to fit in

So many people do that. And it is a mistake. Fitting in is not what people should strive for. Standing apart and being happy with the unique person they discover when they do is the beginning to finding true happiness within yourself and the truth is, if a person takes the time to learn who they are, and who they want to be, they find themselves much happier than they would be otherwise.

I believe the reason Rebecca's story is coming together so easily for me is because there really are people who need it. So if you are out there, and you are reading this, I offer you this advice freely...

Be proud of who you are. Apologize to no one for feeling the way you do. Don't try so hard to make other people like you. It makes you change your personality to suit how you may think they WANT you to be. Believe me, if you stand by what you are becoming on your own, and don't worry so much about fitting in, you will find you are a leader among people, not a follower. Be willing to cut your own path in life, and you will be a richer person for it.

Hugs to you! And Happy Reading!


Hi there everyone! I know, I know... I don't post enough. Sorry for that. I've had a few personal issues... Health, Family, Work, oh heck, let's just say it... Life! I hope every one of you are fit as fiddles! Why do people say that? Who out there decided fiddles were fit? I mean, has anyone every seen those things do a single sit up? And let's not even talk about how a fiddle would go about running laps...

Alright, enough being silly. I have been looking over my blog and I have decided I need to make a few changes. I promise it won't be a drastic change. I'm just getting ready to clean this whole thing up a bit. Since the second book has been completed,  and I am getting ready to start putting the third together, I have decided to make good use of this site, by creating a seperate page for EACH book. Anyone who checks into this site knows I like to post scenes as the story progresses and begins to take shape; nothing to give away too much... just enough to wett ones appetite.

So now that everyone is aware of my plans... Y'all stay posted, because if this last book takes off with me the way the first two did... You'll have plenty to check in on... Oh, and by the way, book two is still with the publishers. (I love those ladies!) I wait anxiously for their opinions and requested changes... But, I know they are promised to be as diligent with their other authors as they are for me.


THIS POST IS ALSO ON MY SHILOH DARKE BLOG. Sorry, guys, I just had to truly rant about this. It's horrific and just ANOTHER thing that breaks my heart. What is the world coming to when people can do these things? It's sad and

I read an article just a bit ago about 30 elephants slaughtered for their
tusks in Chad, Africa. They gathered up and killed the babies first. Then when
the parents cameto try to help their children, the bastards killed them all for
their tusks. Really? For the Ivory? I mean, good grief!

Is no life sacred anymore? Stupid question, I guess. I mean, if they don’t
hardly blink an eye at any OTHER animal and feel no regret on killing children,
then why the hell would they care about elephants? It just breaks my heart. This
is the world I’m stuck in. I wonder sometimes if people just don’t have souls
anymore. Because I cannot fathom how humans can do all the terrible things they
do if they have one. If it upsets me this bad, how is it the people that did it
can live with themselves?

Why? I know that not everyone cares about all the miraculous creatures on
this earth, but I do! And I feel so helpless when I hear about these things.
Sure, I can sign petitions. I can write on my blogs. I can rant and rave and
bitch about all the jackasses of the world, but the truth is, UNTIL MORE OF US
CARE… Nothing will change.

I am posting this on my other blog too… so if you see multiples of this post,
that’s why. Sorry, nothing uplifting to say today. I’m too angry and I feel too