I am so sorry for not writing much lately. I've been working hard, fast and continuously on Sensations. FINALLY, the story came together. I finished the final chapter just hours ago. Now, here is where the fun starts!

I get to go back, and start reading, editing, adding and polishing to make the book shine. Then... I get to read again.... just to make sure I caught all the typos I really seem to try to hide from myself. (Seriously! Those buggers like to hide!)

Then, if the story really seems to read as well as I am HOPING it will... I will kiss it with faith and hand it over to my publishers.... who will do their edits... And probably find EVERY SINGLE misstake I STILL managed to overlook! LOL....

Anyway... I am just happy because I have managed to finish the second book. Let me tell ya... it's a doozy!


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