And FINALLY! I'm here with one of the more . . . uhm . . . unique stars of book 2 of the Awareness series, Sensations. Trevharic, you are a hard guy to pin down.

He offers me a smile and if you were watching, you would see a small shrug of his shoulders. I don't really have the kind of time it takes to be Pinned down. I'm pretty busy right now.

I understand. In respect to the time you have to take to sit with me today, I'll start the questions.

1. So, is Rebecca your only ward?

I wouldn't call her my ward. I'm not responsible for her upbringing or her choices. I'm just someone who tries to protect her from some consequences to those choices. As far as if she is the only one I protect; there are times I am called to help one of my brothers with another human who may need something a little extra, but yes. She is the only one I see continually.

2. How would you describe your feelings about Rebecca? You seem to care a great deal about her.

I do. Of course I do. She's my . . . Well, she's important to me.

I notice he looks a little uncomfortable here but I just can't stop myself from asking the next question.

3. Do you love her?

He tilts his head and his eyes meet mine. I feel as if I am fixing to be given a rare glimpse into his emotions. His expression tells me he is pondering how to answer me.
When he does, I know he is actually avoiding a real answer.

Of course I love her. I am her Guardian.

I want to pursue this deeper, but I feel if I do, he may end the interview all together. So, I push on with questions that deal with the book.

4. When Rebecca became Aware of all things hidden to normal people, were you glad you would be able to reveal yourself to her?

Not really. People aren't really meant to see the things she has seen. Regular people could be driven mad by seeing what she's seen. Not just that, but the reason she's in her current situation is because of what she can see.

He gives me a sad smile at this and I find myself asking a question I had promised myself I wouldn't, since it has to do with book 3.

5. Are you going to follow her into the land of Fay?

His very expression becomes guarded and even angry.

I'm not allowed there. To break this rule could mean I will forfeit my wings.

At his words, I take the opportunity to look at those wings. Huge, massive and black with flecks of gold lacing through them. His head however is bowed and his entire body language is unhappy and I find I just can't stop myself from pushing.

6. So she really is alone there?

His head comes up and I can almost swear his eyes look transluescent.

She is right now. But she won't be for much longer. Does that answer your question?

I almost squeal at his response. So you are going. How will you keep from getting caught?

Shaking his head, Trevharic gains his feet and looks down at me.

I did not say I was going. I am forbidden. If I go, I will fall. If I fall, I will be Earthbound. That is something no Angel does lightly. To lose grace basically makes us one of you. I could even be stripped of my memories of who I am.  I'm sorry, but I've already said too much. You should probably forget we even spoke.

He left so quickly I catch myself wondering if he was ever really there. This is the interview I remember, guys. But I can't promise that he didn't just erase my memory of any other questions I may have asked and he just didn't want to answer.


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