So, as I have finished the second book, I find myself battling the urge to start work on the third. I want to start, BUT part of me thinks I need to wait until my editors have gone through the second one and let me know any changes they may deem neccesary. It would be the better thing to do, right?

But, then the second book ended just as dramatically as the first, so I find myself wanting to find out what happens next, just like a reader will. It may sound absolutely crazy, but the characters keep me in the dark about exactly where everything is headed until I actually get there in writing it. So, the truth is, I am JUST as surprised as the readers...

So, anyway.. I am pondering the epic question... Or at least a version of it... To be or Not to be... Or, uh... actually; To Write. . .  or Not to Write. . . Well? What do you think?

02/27/2013 10:35am

Start it! Can't hurt anything . . . If you have to rewrite something, it just gives you more practice.No idea is ever wasted.


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