Well, the moment is swiftly approaching! Sensations is ALMOST ready! It's coming, guys! If everything goes according to plan, it should be available before the first day of next month!

Keep your fingers crossed and pray everything works as it should cause I am READY! I hope all of you are too!
Hi there everyone! I know, I know... I don't post enough. Sorry for that. I've had a few personal issues... Health, Family, Work, oh heck, let's just say it... Life! I hope every one of you are fit as fiddles! Why do people say that? Who out there decided fiddles were fit? I mean, has anyone every seen those things do a single sit up? And let's not even talk about how a fiddle would go about running laps...

Alright, enough being silly. I have been looking over my blog and I have decided I need to make a few changes. I promise it won't be a drastic change. I'm just getting ready to clean this whole thing up a bit. Since the second book has been completed,  and I am getting ready to start putting the third together, I have decided to make good use of this site, by creating a seperate page for EACH book. Anyone who checks into this site knows I like to post scenes as the story progresses and begins to take shape; nothing to give away too much... just enough to wett ones appetite.

So now that everyone is aware of my plans... Y'all stay posted, because if this last book takes off with me the way the first two did... You'll have plenty to check in on... Oh, and by the way, book two is still with the publishers. (I love those ladies!) I wait anxiously for their opinions and requested changes... But, I know they are promised to be as diligent with their other authors as they are for me.


I've had the honor of being tagged in the Next Big Thing Blog Hop by fellow Author, Catherin Cavendish. The story I am to talk about is the second in my Awareness series.  It is what I am currently working on. 

I am also passing the tags along to these following Authors; Shiloh Darke (my own alter ego) which  is the part of my personality that is an Author of Paranormal Erotica. http://www.ShilohDarke.com

Denise Bartlett, who is an Author of Fantasy novels for teens, history, science fiction, non-fiction and even drama.  http://www.denibartlett.blogspot.com

And Finally, Charlotte Holley, who is an Author of several different genre's, including young adult, paranormal, fantasy, mystery, and romance.

Now that I have tagged my willing Authors, I will get on with my Next Big Thing. . . Sensations

What is the working title of your book?


The name of this novel is Sensations. That is
actually a fitting
title since the last one was Awareness and both
books have to do with senses
that the NORMAL human doesn’t have or know how to

Where did the idea come from for the book?

 Sensations is the second book in my Awakening of Awareness
series. The overall idea came from a personal experience, combined with my
crazy imagination.

What genre does your book fall

It falls under several, actually. To name a few;
the genres of
Young Adult, paranormal, romance, and 

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

 Oh gosh…. Let me think about that… For the main character, 
Rebecca, I think I would want, Victoria Justice.
She has the exact kind of look
I envision for Becca and she is a good actress.


For Rebecca's Mother, my heart is SET of Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's beautiful, elegant, and a fantastic actress who would be amazing for the part!


For her best friend, Rachel, Tiffany Thorton would
be good. She's the perfect cheerleader, pretty girl with attitude type.

There are a few other important female characters,
but I’m not sure who should play them.

The guys in the book? Well they aren’t quite as
easy. . .


The ghost boy, Marky, who is her guide/friend, I would want Max Charles. He was just so precious
the new Spiderman movie!


The Angel, Trevahr, who spends a lot of time with her in this
book, would probably have to be Taylor Lautner, because he just fits. 


The Elf prince, Darethmar? Well, Zak Efron MAYBE… But I’m not sure he isn’t just a little too
old already. 

There is also a new character as a potential love
interest. I’m
Thinking Ian Somerhalder would be good. I know, I know, He's already in his thirties, but, he has a young face, and just LOOK at those eyes!
Anyway,  As a detective, Guy,  is an OLDER man, but
still younger than twenty-five. We must all strive to remember, Rebecca is
 Of course, none of this counts! If I was
lucky enough to have someone want to make my books into a movie, or even a
series, it won’t happen until all my underage choices are already adults. More’s
the pity because the cast in my mind is beautiful

 What is the one-sentence
synopsis of your book?

 How can Becca keep a talent like seeing Ghosts a secret when the living, as well as
the dead, need her help?

Will your book be self-published or represented by an

I’m in a contract for the entire series through my
publishers, Gypsy Shadow Publishing, they are an Ebook/P.O.D.
They’ve done such a good job, I’m honestly not
sure I would be able to trust the series to anyone

  How long did it take you to write
the first draft of your manuscript?

Well, I am still writing this one. The first book,
took about six months. But that’s only if you
don’t count a week here and there 
dealing with writers block. We ALL get it. . .
Sometimes the stresses of life just get in the way. No harm, no

What other books would you compare this story to within your

Well, I’m not sure there really are any COMPLETE
True Blood has faeries, but my series has no
vampires (at least none have

started talking to me yet!)

Also, this series has
no sex. There is some flirting
and kissing. But this is supposed to be
appropriate for anyone over the age of 
13? So, no, True Blood really isn’t that good of a 

 Hush, Hush could be a good comparison,
because my books also
have Angels. The Torment series might be a good comparison. If you like the House of Night series, you might like 

 Who or What inspired you
to write this book?

This series was actually started from memories I have of a near 
death experience. When I was a teenager, I was in
a bad car accident and I died.
When I came back, I had memories of a bright light
at the end of a tunnel,
family I had lost, and Angels, as well as a small
child who held my hand and
walked me through all of it. I was also haunted by
voices no one else heard for
a good year. I don’t share that lightly, because
frankly, I don’t like the idea
of people thinking I’ve gone nutters. BUT, well, I
started the story based in a 
memory and then let my imagination take over. The
end result has turned into a
pretty good series I am proud of.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s

Oh Geez, take your pick! This book, as well as the first,
filled with drama, comedy, romance, action and more. It is a thriller, bursting
with Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Elves, and a whole lot of surprises
throughout. It
will keep you guessing and its ending is almost guaranteed to leave you
more! The first one had ME on the edge of my seat, and I was the one

Sorry guys! You know how I keep saying somewhere in there, life gets ahead of you and you have to race to catch up? Well, even if you didn't, this is one of those times.

The short story has been out and available for over two weeks now. I am BAD! I know! I've just been so busy, trying to work on my other stories and get them ready to go to the editor after the Christmas Holidays are over.

I am really excited about Sensations! The story is coming along and I hope to have it in my editors hot little hand by the first of the year. Now, that may mean it will just sit there for a bit once it is, cause I know she has other people who are ahead of me, but still. It's always exciting to finish something and hand it over happily.

And in OTHER news, Next week, Wednesday 11/ 05, to be exact, I am takng part in a blog hop, to promote said book. Be sure to come back and check it out!

Hugs to all!

P.S. Keep reading, for yet another little sneak peak on Sensations... Just a short one, really


We chatted about nothing in particular on the way into
the city. I didn’t even let myself focus on what had happened the night before
until right before we took the exit off the expressway to take us to the
hospital. At that point, our conversation had died down a little and I felt I
needed to talk about it; if only just a little.

“Mom,”I started slowly. “Do you think everything that
happened last night was the end of all that? Or do you think there’s more to
come.” I was afraid of her answer, but I really, really wanted it to be

She gave me a side-glance as she followed the line of
traffic. “I don’t know, honey. I imagine we may very well have opened up a can
of worms, so to speak.”Then she shook her head, “But I’d be willing to bet that
by me revealing my own little gift, no one will be so set on trying to have to
admitted.” She shrugged. “Probably we just have to watch out for people wanting
us to contact Uncle Vern and find out about the location of the hidden money
everyone always thought Grandma put in the

Her half–joke, made me laugh, even as I scolded her. “I’m
being serious!”

She gaped at me in mock innocence as she pulled into the
parking garage. “I am too! Honey, we have gifts. Now that it is; I don’t know
how you say it, out in the open, there will be those who want to capitalize on
it.” She sighed and began searching for a place to

I fell silent as images of people I didn’t know following
me around like the paparazzi do celebrities. I grimaced and let my head fall
back on the headrest.“I didn’t want that! Why did it seem that no matter where I
turned now, I was always being hit in the face with reality that my life would
never be blessedly, boringly normal again? Couldn’t I just have my denial of
that fact a little longer? Like, until I was

I was startled away from my thoughts by my mother’s hand
resting on mine. “Let’s not worry about this, okay? It can’t be changed or
erased, so instead, why don’t we just make a deal to enjoy it while everything
is calm, and just be prepared for the storm that may very well

I hesitated, considering her words. Reluctantly, I nodded
and gathered up my purse. With a last look at each other, we got out of the car
and I followed as she led the way to the elevator that would take us into the

My thoughts turned to Hailey. She wouldn’t remember much
of me, I didn’t think. Her poor body had been through too much for far too long
before I had found her. I hoped she was doing better and would be able to leave
here soon. I knew first-hand how uncomfortable being in a hospital could be. It
was still fresh in my mind.

When we entered her room, I had expected family members
gathered around the bed. I knew her mother and father would be there along with
maybe a friend or two and siblings. I wasn’t even too surprised to see the damn
Detective, dressed in a t-shirt and blue jeans and sporting his most brilliant
smile; the man is entirely too cute! But I don’t know why I never considered
Marky as someone who would lie in wait for me

The pain I had felt when I discovered his betrayal made
my heart hurt. I almost turned and left the room, but then my eyes met those of
Hailey and I stopped. She smiled big at me and I couldn’t help but return her
grin. “You came!” she greeted me in a happy voice that was music to my

Without sparing any of the adults in the room a glance, I
moved straight to her side and gave her a big smile. “Of course I came! I had to
see for myself that you were going to be okay.” After I spoke, I felt someone
move to my side.

Swallowing, I turned and was met with a stare I was
unsure was friendly. Hailey’s mother spoke softly, “The Detective says you’re
some kind of a psychic.”

I glanced at Guy with a frustrated look before turning
back to Hailey’s Mom.“Well, no. Not exactly-” I

Before I could get any farther in my explanation her
mother stepped forward and wrapped me in a bear hug. “I don’t care how you knew.
I don’t care how you found her. All I care about is you did.” She sobbed and I
found myself returning her hug. “Thank you. Thank you for saving my

Have you ever been somewhere, minding your own business and suddenly, for no known reason, the hair on the back of your neck stand on end? Have you ever heard voices which had no point of origin? What about Seen things you couldn't explain?

When I was a teenager, I was in a really bad car accident. I basically died. I had the whole life after death experience. Walking into the light, seeing loved ones long lost. The feeling of love, warmth and acceptance which surrounded me was overwhelming. I never wanted to leave.

Then I was told I had to come back. I woke up in the hospital. My body was bruised, battered and broken. I was in extreme pain. And I wasn't alone. There were voices. Whispers, shadows, touches and strange smells surrounded me. It was so spooky. The scariest thing about it was no one else could feel, see or sense ANY of these things.

My novel, Awareness was inspired in part, by these memories. Now, understand, Awareness is a work of fiction. I'm not asking you to believe in the Faeries, Elves and such that are apart of this story. Heck you don't even have to believe in the ghosts. But I did want to share where I got the idea to start with.

Awareness is going to be a series of at least three, maybe four books. The first one is complete and going to be available through http://www.gypsyshadow.com very soon.