Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night; your heart pounding, your breathing heavy, and felt as if you had just run a marathon? Did you dream about something and you just can't shake the images from your mind? Was it about a person you know?
Maybe it was about something that hasn't happened yet, but you have this deep seated fear it will?

The things we dream about more times than not are simply our subconscious, giving voice to the fears and concerns we keep buried inside and don't speak of in our waking lives. But sometimes, well, those dreams are just a little too real.

So what do you do? Do you go talk to the nearest person you trust and get it off your chest? Or do you bury it even deeper with the fear that if you tell, you may just make it come to pass?

When I started writing the first Awareness book, it was because I had this vague memory of what my first waking moments had been like after my near death experience. There were voices. But no bodies to go with. There was an overwhelming sense that the DREAM I had just had was not a dream at all, but a journey that few people ever get to take and come back from.

Of course, that was just the first chapter. From there, my imagination took over and I found myself opening up to a realm of what if's. And I loved it. Awareness was ready to go to my publisher faster than any other full length story I had ever tried to write. Truth be told, the second story, Sensations went just about as fast.

Now that my editor is almost ready to begin work on the second book, I find myself thinking that maybe this story is writing itself so fast because there are people out there who need to read it?

So much of it is complete fantasy. Fairies, Elves, and the like just don't exist.... Well, not in a come sit in your lap and talk to you kind of way, at least....

But if you really follow the story, Rebecca is a girl going through something just about Every Other teen age girl is going through  on some level. What? Well, She's learning how to step away from the pack and become her own person. . As the story progresses, she is learning to fight for what she believes in, as well as truly find out who she is.But for alot of it, she is constantly questioning herself on what she wants, and what she's willing to do to fit in

So many people do that. And it is a mistake. Fitting in is not what people should strive for. Standing apart and being happy with the unique person they discover when they do is the beginning to finding true happiness within yourself and the truth is, if a person takes the time to learn who they are, and who they want to be, they find themselves much happier than they would be otherwise.

I believe the reason Rebecca's story is coming together so easily for me is because there really are people who need it. So if you are out there, and you are reading this, I offer you this advice freely...

Be proud of who you are. Apologize to no one for feeling the way you do. Don't try so hard to make other people like you. It makes you change your personality to suit how you may think they WANT you to be. Believe me, if you stand by what you are becoming on your own, and don't worry so much about fitting in, you will find you are a leader among people, not a follower. Be willing to cut your own path in life, and you will be a richer person for it.

Hugs to you! And Happy Reading!



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