The reviews came from fellow Authors, Kathleen Allen-- Author of Witch Hunter, and Tracey Pacelli-- Author of Time Warped. These ladies participated in Review exchange with me and I have been so thrilled to not only have the chance to read their works, but get their feedback on my stor

Kathleen's Review:

What if you woke up in a hospital after being in a car accident and you could see dead people? Not to mention other unworldly creatures like demons and angels and what if you had an evil demon after you? And what if you are attracted to one of these creatures who just happens to be an elf prince? Yeah, this is Becca's new life and she doesn't like it, not one bit.

This is a Young Adult novel written from the main character's viewpoint and we get to see her world through her eyes. She is a strong willed girl who is determined to make her life as normal as possible. It's a fun read about a girl who has to accept herself and come to terms with her life all the while preparing for her junior year in high school! I recommend it!

And Tracey's Review:

Awareness by Rowan Shannigan is a fantasy like no other. She weaves ghosts, elves, angels and demons effortlessly into her plot, while keeping the story real by having them all interact with Becca, the main character, who is desperately trying to get a handle on unseen realms she never imagined really existed. At the same time, she's trying to navigate her way through challenges that present themselves at high school, while dealing with the many romantic possibilities thrown at her.

A couple of shocking twists arise, one near the end of the story that is sure to take the reader by complete surprise, as it did me! "I was coming to accept this awareness not just as a gift, but as a responsibility," Becca says, at one point. Throughout all her strange experiences, she isn't certain she's up to the tasks at-hand, but with the help of some very intriguing characters--one quite hot, in fact--she gains confidence in her newfound "awareness" and we are left wanting to see where the next adventure will take her.

High marks to Rowan Shannigan for a novel that is both sexy and exciting on so many unseen levels!


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