When you first pull into the Crescent Hotel grounds, what strikes you most is how much you feel as if you have taken a step back in time. The Hotel looms over you in such a way, you are almost intimidated by its sheer size.

When you enter into the grand foyer, you really DO feel as if you have stumbled into another world. The sights, the smell, even the carpet is entirely different from the norm, these days.

When we checked in and went to our room, my husband smiled at me as we rode up in the elevator. "We are staying on the floor that is believed to be the most haunted." the second floor; room 201. He then clears his throat, "Of course, our room isn't one that they say is haunted. But I figure being on this floor is close enough."

Well, to those who aren't sure what ORBS are... Let me just say, we caught quite a few of them. Many were in our room, which was not on the list of haunted rooms... Can you hear me clearing my throat? Hah! Yeah... I thought so....

So, anyway, we went on the Ghost Tour that night. It is actually very interesting, even if you don't see anything because they tell you all about the history of the place. They walk you through the spots where there is supposed to be the most activity and they tell you why.
They start the tour on the fourth floor. There are quite a few stories there, but the one I'm going to give a taste of is the one about the little girl. Her mother was a nurse here back in the time when the Hotel was a Hospital for Cancer patients. The little girl was about three years old and she lived with her mother on the fourth floor.
The little girl liked to play around the stairs. Her mother, of course, always scolded her and told her not to play around the stairs. But one day... for whatever reason, the mother was not there to scold and the little girl had climbed up and was looking over the banister.

She fell over the banister to her death. Now... The reason I shared THIS story is because after the tour was over, my husband and I, being the curious people we are went back with our cameras and captured many orbs. Now, what you see in the picture to the side is that staircase and banister she fell from. If you look closely, you will see a few orbs. They don't neccesarily look like anything fantastic. Actually, they kind of resemble plain dust particles....

But when I zoomed in.... Now, there was ONE.... It was actually on the staircase, and farther away than the others. It looked different. So I zoomed in closer... and then closer still. I could make out the partial outline of a face. Wavy hair, brushed to the side... eyes, nose, and dare I venture to say... cheeks? 

Maybe I am just silly. Maybe my imagination is just running away with me. But I really believe the little girl was there when the guide told us her story. And I believe when we went back, she was trying to tell us hi. This picture below. . . Well, you must make up your own minds. But as for me. . . I believe.


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