THIS POST IS ALSO ON MY SHILOH DARKE BLOG. Sorry, guys, I just had to truly rant about this. It's horrific and just ANOTHER thing that breaks my heart. What is the world coming to when people can do these things? It's sad and

I read an article just a bit ago about 30 elephants slaughtered for their
tusks in Chad, Africa. They gathered up and killed the babies first. Then when
the parents cameto try to help their children, the bastards killed them all for
their tusks. Really? For the Ivory? I mean, good grief!

Is no life sacred anymore? Stupid question, I guess. I mean, if they don’t
hardly blink an eye at any OTHER animal and feel no regret on killing children,
then why the hell would they care about elephants? It just breaks my heart. This
is the world I’m stuck in. I wonder sometimes if people just don’t have souls
anymore. Because I cannot fathom how humans can do all the terrible things they
do if they have one. If it upsets me this bad, how is it the people that did it
can live with themselves?

Why? I know that not everyone cares about all the miraculous creatures on
this earth, but I do! And I feel so helpless when I hear about these things.
Sure, I can sign petitions. I can write on my blogs. I can rant and rave and
bitch about all the jackasses of the world, but the truth is, UNTIL MORE OF US
CARE… Nothing will change.

I am posting this on my other blog too… so if you see multiples of this post,
that’s why. Sorry, nothing uplifting to say today. I’m too angry and I feel too


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